Stop Collar Hinged Type

Hinged Stop Collars secure placement and limits travel on attachments to casing string.
The stop collar uses a single draw bolt tightening mechanism with "hardened inserts" to grip the casing once tightened.
Hinged Stop Collar is Designed to latch on the  casing pipe without having to be slipped on at the end of the casing  pipe allowing  quick and easy installation.
On locking it can be tightened for a holding force upto 1000 % of the centralizer starting force as per API 10 D.
The locking mechanism is at 180 degrees of the hinge.
This design does not make any marks or indentations on the casing.
This style stop collar is available in 4-1/2in thru 20in.

Hinged Stop Collar Product Show

Hinged Stop Collar Production and Package

Stop Collar Slip On Set Screw



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