High Temperature Air Cannon

Application of Air Cannon
Air cannon is a special device for the prevention and elimination of material bulging, stick on the bin or blockage
in all types of silos, hoppers, cement preheating kilns, pipe crotches, mine wines and landslip.
It is applicable to all silos and hoppers made of concrete, steel, wood or plastic.
Air cannons are widely used in coal mines, coal bunkers under the shaft, coal cleaning plants, cement factories,
foundries, thermal power plants, sintering plants, gas plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, aluminum plants,
soda plants, iron and steel plants, coking plants, pharmaceutical plants, mines, docks, grain and feed mills,
concrete processing plants and other enterprises with silos, hoppers, pipeline and mine wines.

1.High Temperature:It is no rubber parts for internal moving parts of air cannon valve and seals.
Suitable of grate cooler,kiln slope,smoke room and high terperature operationg requirement.
Substantially reducing mataintenance coost and significantly extending produt life.
2.Self-lubricating:Unique design cylinder and piston bearings without lubrication.
3.Low maintenance:250 thousand times without failure,easy to remove the part.
4.Long life:Good and modern design for key components,high gas tightness.
5.Strong spray drying:Spray dry strength increased by 10% compared with similar products.
6.Easy compatibility:Dual connection method,the body of air cannon valve with other brands of air cannons gas cylinders connected to reduce the cost of upgrade product.
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