Solid Rigid Centralizer Steel Type

Spiral  vane steel solid rigid centralizers are developed in response to  the need for better cementing in high deviated and horizontal well.Spiral vane steel solid rigid centralizers are  designed to provide optimum flow area.The 360degrees overlapping solid  vane provides  maximum wall contact and fluid swirl.Reduced flow area   between the spiral blades produces a vortex motion of the fluids for more fluid velocity with direction.The 30-degree slope of the vane end reduces drag and  aids the caing in reaching TD.
This gentle flow from the body to the  height of the vane will eliminate scraping,gouging or digging into the formation and consequently reduce balling between the vanes.Spiral vane steel solid centralizer has high impact and  shock resistance combined with tensile and yield strength as well as  resist corrosion.The Spiral vane solid rigid centralizer is normally 8" long, but it can be manufactured to any length the customer requires.
These centralizers are available with or without set screws for eliminating of stop collars.
Spiral vane solid rigid centralizers are available for casing Sizes 4 ½” to 20”.Any special sizes are available on request.
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