ZHENGZHOU, APRIL-19,2018-The rigid solid body centralizer has two types, one is welded type and the other is integrally cast type. Which one is better? Let’s see the production process.

For integrally cast type rigid centralizer, the material is waste materials( the matrerials are not good) , then the waste materials are melted into liquid iron , then the liquid iron will be cast into the molds.

This cast type centralizer has high reject rate, and the cast centralizer has sand hole and blowhole, so the delivery time is longer than welding type.

Since each cast centralizer needs one molds and the cast progress pollute the air , our government do not allowed to produce cast type centralizers.


But for the welding type centralizer, we buy pipes to make the body of the centralizer, and buy steel plate to cut into the blades, so the materials are good materials.

And the surface of the centralizers are smooth.  Actually the prices of the welding type and cast type are the same. Because the materials of welding type are good material and we need to polish them.


Many famous brands all used welding type solid body centralizers. Please see below centralizers of Weatherford. They also used welding type.


Russian customer visit to test our bow spring centralizer
Mechanical properties of our casing centralizers



welded type and integrally cast type solid body centralizer

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