ZHENGZHOU, July-30, 2018, Casing accessories for oilwell cementing

Today we completed 200 sets of float shoe and float collar and cementing plugs.

The sizes from 5 1/2” to 20”.  All these products are finished in one months, since our customer needed them urgently. We can make stab-in type of float collar and shoe and the materials are grade L80, N80,K55,J55 and P110.

We also can make non-rotating float collar also the non-rotating cementing plug to match the float collar.

The thread of the float collar and shoe can be BTC, LTC, STC , Vam Top etc.

We also can make stage collar and cementing head for well cementing.

We get good feedback from our customers for our casing accessories.


Test of casing centralizer.
Cementing plug for oilwell



Casing accessories for oilwell cementing

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