ZHENGZHOU, March-27, 2019. Canvas basket.

Cement baskets usually are installed on the casing string above the weak formation, its design allows cement to flow in an upward direction to hold the weight of the cement column and prevent it from falling downward once cementing operation ceases.

We have two types cement basket, canvas basket and steel type basket.

The sizes of cement basket are from 5” to 20”.

Cementing basket is a tool which is installed on the casing at a certain depth in oilwell. It’s capable of providing proper support to the cement plug in annulus, to avoid unconsolidated annular cementing or cementing slurry leakage to hydrocarbon zone below the designed depth.

Each overlapping petal provides maximum flexibility and fluid passage while maintaining optimum support characteristics

Also used in stage cementing or in cementing the annulus from surface

Can be used in place of an external casing packer for stage cementing applications

Easy installation by sliding over the pin end of a casing joint prior to make-up

Allows for casing rotation and reciprocation.



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Two stage collar



Canvas basket of cement basket

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