ZHENGZHOU, April-28, 2019. Two stage collar Hydraulic type

Hydraulic stage tool is a special tool used to complete the cementing operation in two times. Mainly used in the following circumstances,

Hydraulic stage tool mainly consists of two-stage coupling (body), shut-off baffle, first-stage plug and closing plug ,Free-fall opening plug and pumping-down opening plug are available upon request.

An anti-rotation device is specially developed to prevent the synchronous rotation of  closing sleeve and bits.  

A particular structure is developed to prevent the possible pre-shutoff of closing sleeve.

In the closing sleeve of closed circulation hole, close the locking mechanism to prevent closure put on the back, to achieve permanent closure.

All accessories, made from premium quality rubber or aluminum material, have very good anti-rotating mechanism that makes drill out easy.

Free-fall opening plug and pumping-down opening plug are available to realize mechanical opening.

The ID. of upper/lower sub should be the same as that of casing, but smaller than that of closing sleeve, which protects the closing sleeve from being damaged during tripping and drill out operations.


Canvas basket of cement basket



Two stage collar

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