Casing Head

The casing head ,a component conneting the casing to the wellhead assembly of various types and sizes ,is used to support the both the intermediate (protective) string and the production string ,and to seal up the annular space between the casings,thus providing a crossover connection for the installation of the bop ,the tubing head,theChristmas tree and other top wellhead components. It is also used to inject additional cement slurry or balance fluid,monitor the well sink,and execute other operatins through both of the two bypass holes in the casing head body.
The casing head ,which is of standard structure ,is fitted with a complete set of casing head hangers manufactured by ZS,which are
Available for choice according to different requirements of casing procedure and wellhead conditions.the top part of the body is API6B or API6BX flanged.
Options of casing head
There are four options for the bottom connection of the casinghead:API NPT box ,API CSG box,sow type and slip-type.
ZScan supply you with welded support yoke.
There are two types of side outlets:threaded and studded,the latter of which is processed with VR female threads for VR plug.

Slip-type Casing Hanger