Casing Pipe

Functions of Casing Pipe
Casings are used for fixing the well wall or down hole, which have wider diameters, can be divided into conductor casings, technical casings and Oil casings.
Standard of Casing Pipe
API Specification 5CT latest edition
ISO 11960:2004
Sizes of Casing Pipe
Outside Diameter 4-1/2″ – 20″
Grade of Casing Pipe
J55, K55, N80,L80, L80, C95, T95, P110
Wall thickness of Casing Pipe
6.35 - 12.70 mm
Connections of Casing Pipe
API Connection
STC (Short Round Thread)
LTC (Long Round Thread)
BTC (Buttress Thread)
P(Plain End)
E(Extreme Line)
Premium Connection
Length of Casing Pipe
Range 1(4.88-7.62M)
Range 2 (7.62-10.36M)
Range 3(10.36-14.63M)
Protection of Casing Pipe
External bare and uncoated or externally coated with black/ transparent anti rust Mill varnish Plastic or Metal Pin and Box Protectors.
Internal plastic coating or sleeves.
Mill Test Certificates of Casing Pipe
Issued in accordance with API Specification 5CT Eighth Edition.
Additional Third Party Inspection can also be performed on request.